Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Noiseless Patient Spider

1.  Choose one of the following devices, identify it in the poem, and connect to meaning:  metaphor, alliteration, repetition, consonance, apostrophe, imagery.

2.   Identify one of our unit's themes in this poem and explain where you see it.


Anonymous said...

One can identify the figurative language of metaphor in, "A Noiseless Patient Spider." The Spider presented in this poem is being compared to a Human.In the first stanza, the poem portrays the Spider as a creature who tries to adjusts to its surroundings creatively, by "launch[ing] forth filamentout of itself/ever unreeling them, ever tirelessly speeding them" (4-5); the Spider does this in an effort to "explore [its] vacant vast surrounding" (3). The second stanza connects to this by comparing the Spider's actions to that of a Human. For example, it states that likewise,a person is "ceaselessly musing, venturing, throwing...till the bridge [one] needs be form'd, till the ductile anchor hold/Till the gossamer thread you fling catch somewhere" (8-10). Therefore, the stanza states that we, like the spider, try to conceive something out of our vast environments through creations, but through human inventions such as the "bridge" and "anchor" mentioned in the poem. Therefore, metaphor connects to the meaning of the poem by exhibiting the parallels between a Spider and a Human in our ability and desire to "catch somewhere" in the surroundings, sometimes vast and unfamiliar, in our lives.

Monet Lee

Anonymous said...

The reptition of the words, "filament, filament, filament" add sense to the meaning of the poem (4). In the context of the repetition of these words is the idea that a spider is "ever unreeling them"(5). This idea points to the meaning of the poem because the poem is talking about trying over and over again to "find yourself" until you are able to "catch" something like when it says, "till the gossamer thread you fling catch somewhere" (10). This shows how this person (as Monet pointed out this poem is about a person)will try over and over again to catch its "filament" on something substantial so that the person can find a place that is right for him, and maybe a topic that interests him. Overall, the repetition of the word filament shows this repeated trial to find/acheive the things the man is looking for and hoping for in life until he takes hold on something great.
-Ana Hugener

Anonymous said...

The alliteration of the beginning "V" sound in the words "vacant vast surrounding" connect to the overall meaning of the poem, as Monet and Ana also stated, the idea of how humans have this desire to find themselves in life and "catch somewhere" or in other words find their place in the world. The sound of "V" is soft in itself representing the silence of the poem. This relates to the meaning because as the title states "a noiseless patient spider", two hints to the meaning of the poem are revealed. One is that in finding oneself, one must do a lot of thinking as one is "ceaselessly musing, venturing, throwing" and "seeking spheres to connect them". Thus the soft sound of the "v" suits the soft noiseless sound of someone thinking. The second hint of the sound of the "v" connects to how the sound rolls off your lips similarly to an echo. This connects to the idea that the person in the poem wants to find his place in the world so that he can make a difference in the world. The echo of the "v" represents the echo that won't come "til the bridge will need be form'd" or "till the ductile anchor hold".

Kya Suzuki